Mission Details Edit

Description: Collect the targets.

Nation: Freeska

Level Required: 7

Map Name: Tylent Jungle

Residing monsters:

  • Nating (Level: 10) (Passive)
  • Titanmoth (Level: 14) (Passive)
  • Hornian (Level: 9) (Passive)
  • Hornian Blazer (Level: 12) (Passive)
  • Hornian Guardian (Level: 15) (Passive)
  • Mall (Level: 7) (Passive)


  • Egg of Nating (from Nating) X 7
  • Hornian DNA (from Hornian) X 5
  • Antenna of Titanmoth (from Titanmoth) X 2


  • 1,290 spi
  • 1,180 EXP

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