Mission Details Edit


Nation: ANI

Level Required: 29

Map Name: Crystal Cave

Residing Monsters:

  • Hidden Trace No.3 (Level: 30) (Passive)
  • Hidden Trace No.2 (Level: 30) (Passive)
  • Hidden Trace No.4 (Level: 30) (Passive)
  • Joypeas (Level: 29) (Aggresive)
  • Hovernpeas (Level: 30) (Aggresive)
  • Square Large (Level: 31) (Passive)
  • Tin Bat (Level: 32) (Passive)
  • Cave Angler (Level: 33) (Passive)


  • Hidden Trace No.3
  • Hidden Trace No.2
  • Hidden Trace No.4


  • 35,360 spi
  • Trigger of Ancient X 1
  • 81,765 EXP
  • 1 bonus stat

Comments/Tips Edit

The hidden traces are far inside the map, travel through the whole map, and you would see all of them. Beware when turning around as the cave can be very narrow

Miscellaneous Edit

Pre-Mission Story Edit

Post-Mission Story Edit

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