A Strategic Point War, commonly referred to as "SP" the most common type of PvP battle in Ace Onine.

Rules Edit

Strategic Point wars last only 1 hour. During that 1 hour it is up to the a nation's players to either destroy or defend an SP. If a SP deploys in an ANI map, it is under ANI control - meaning the BCU must try to destroy it while ANI tries to defend it (and vice versa).

Strategic Points spawn at random times throughout the course of the game - as long as no Mothership War or Outpost War event is occurring.

Rewards Edit

  • Purchasing Membership doubles the War Point rewards.
  • An SPI reward no less than 50,000 SPI and no more than 5,000,000 plus:

Players of the winning nation receive:

  • 1 SPI Capsule
  • 1000 War Points (With HH they receive 4000)
  • A 2 hour respawn privilege in the map where the SP was destroyed.

Players of the losing nation receive:

  • 600 War Points (With HH they receive 2400)

Rewards are only given to players who are in the map where the SP is spawned, or in a map directly adjacent from it. (For example if a SP spawns in Desert of Ardor, the rewards for the war are only given to players in Desert of Ardor and Crystal Cave, players in Edmont Valley would not receive rewards.)

Spawn timesEdit

Strategic Points spawn only in the following maps:



Strategic Points generally spawn only one at a time, though occasionally a Strategic Point for each nation may spawn at once.

In Mothership WarsEdit

Strategic Points also play an important role in Mothership Wars; after destruction, they spawn the attacking nation's teleports. See Mothership Wars for more information.

See alsoEdit

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