NGC Strategic Point Wars are a unique type of strategic point war which occurs only on the map Floating Lake (players sometimes use the slang "FL SP" to refer to NGC Strategic Point Wars).

In these wars, the two player nations (ANI and BCU) do not fight each other (and cannot attack each other at all on this map) - instead both sides compete to do the most damage to a Strategic Point owned by the NGC faction (a non-player faction).

Unlike in regular Strategic Point wars, this particular SP does not spawn at random times - it will not disappear unless destroyed, and it will always spawn 12 hours after last being destroyed.

The SP is defended by an extremely large number of NGC enemies, and it has noticeably higher energy and regeneration than standard SPs. Once the Strategic Point is destroyed, the NGC monsters that spawned will disappear.


The Nation with the successful attack receives:

The nation that did less damage receives:

  • 200 War Points (400 with Membership)

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