Mothership Wars are the largest wars that Ace Online has to offer. The Nation Leader has the ability to decide when an offensive attack on the enemy nation will occur - declaring war will thus trigger a Mothership event. These battles are the main event of the game, and happen roughly twice a week, with one attack and one defense. The spawn times can be set on any day and any time; if no spawn time is specified by the Nation Leader then the Mothership will spawn according to the servers' default time.

  • The Arlington mothership is known as Horos, which spawns over the water in Reynard Beach.
  • The Bygeniou mothership is known as Anubis, which spawns in the center of Tylent Jungle.

Motherships' level will vary depending on the previous outcome of a war, and can summon aggressive monsters that shoot at players of the other nation. However The majority of a Mothership defenses comes from players in its nation.

Rules Edit

  • Mothership War lasts a maximum of 2 hours.
  • All monsters within each nations territories, from the Mothership's map leading up to the Den of Site A and B and Pandea Point A and B disappear during the war.
  • Strategic Points are spawned in every map within each nation's territories, leading from Mothership map up to the Den of Site A and B and Pandea Point A and B
  • Teleports can be activated after a Strategic Point has been destroyed in a map and one of the leaders has activated it.
  • If a player dies in an enemy map while the war is in progress, they are sent to back to their city unless a Teleport has been completed its activation.
  • There are three stages to Teleport activiation: Stand-by (not spinning), Warm-up (spinning and glowing), and Activated (no more spinning, displays a warp). The full process from Stand-by to Active takes 3 minutes.
  • Teleports can be destroyed, but have high defense and can be rebuilt if destroyed.
  • Once a teleport is activated activated, players of the attacking nation respawn from it in that map upon death (this includes even from the Mothership's map).
  • Blessing of Angel and Angel Wings items are completely disabled during the war.
  • Once a mothership is destroyed or defended, all Teleports disappear, and the gameplay returns to normal.

Rewards Edit

Rewards for Winning Edit

Destroying a Mothership grants the winning nation the following rewards:

  • SPI no less than 100,000 SPI and no more than 10,000,000.
  • Top 3 contributing Brigades are rewarded SPI to their Brigade Warehouse.
  • Access to Hornian King's Habitat and Eopi maps for all players of the nation
  • A bonus to Energy, Shield, and Skill Point regeneration (ranging from 5% for a level 5 Mothership to 25% for a level 9 Mothership).
  • A Level 5 Mothership rewards a 10% Happy Hour event for 1 hour and a 5% Regeneration Bonus.
  • A Level 6 Mothership rewards a 20% Happy Hour event and a 10% Regeneration Bonus.
  • A Level 7 Mothership rewards a 20% Regeneration Bonus.
  • A Level 8 Mothership rewards Stealth Cards to all players of the attacking nation online at the time it is destroyed.
  • A Level 9 Mothership rewards access to certain boss monsters in either Desert of Ardor or Blackburn Site, a 25% Regeneration Bonus, and 1000 War Points and 1 Mystery Capsule to all players of the attacking nation online when the Mothership is destroyed.
  • All players in the Mothership's map or the very next map over receive an extra 600 War Points, and 1 SPI Capsule per Strategic Point destroyed.
  • Purchasing Membership doubles the War Point rewards.
  • Being heavily active in the war will earn a player more SPI rewards at the end of the fight.

Rewards for Defending Edit

  • An SPI Reward no less than 100,000 SPI and no more than 10,000,000.
  • One Mystery Capsule and 500 WP for successfully defending the Mothership.
  • Successful defense of a Level 8 Mothership rewards the defending nation Stealth Cards.
  • 600 War Points and 1 SPI Capsule per Strategic Point are awarded to everyone of the nation online at the end of the war
  • One SPI Capsule and 300 WP per Teleport destroyed are rewarded to everyone online in the defending nation.

Note that all SPI Capsule and War Point rewards are only given for the first time each Strategic Point or Teleport) is destroyed. Any subsequent destructions are purely for strategic advantage.

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