• Type:Missile Type
  • GEAR type: B-Gear I-Gear M-Gear
  • Level: 30
  • Attack Power: (111~147) X (1 x 4)
  • Attack Power / second: (247~327)
  • Accuracy: 100.00%
  • Pierce: 0.00%
  • Range: 3300m
  • Reattack time: 1.80s
  • Valid angle: 4.6 Degrees
  • Speed : 480 m/s
  • Rate of Induction: 120 Degrees / second
  • Weight: 220kg

This is one of the weapons that was implemented for new players to be able to level up easier, although Suba Games did not implement the weapon to be given auto-maticicly, they handed it out once to all the existing gear above it's required level. The weapon exist, but is unavailable for any new players now.

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