General Edit

This is a map especially created to level up very fast. The EXP drop from the mobs is very high compared to other maps. No items drop here however. Some items can drop from goldie mobs. There's an ANI and a BCU version, but ANI can't enter BCU's and vise versa.(grind map level 73-87)

Strategic Point Location Edit

Infected Area(Safe Zone) does not have a Strategic Point.

Infected Area (Combat Zone) has a Mothership that spawns when you kill the Polluted Crystals. If an ANI player kills a crystal, it will spawn the BCU Supporting Armed Mothership.

Mobs Edit


Infected Egma - aggressive in mob

Infected Interceptor - individual


Infected Missile Batery

Infected Cannon

Bosses Edit

Infected Area does not have any bosses.

Missions Edit

Infected Area does not have any missions.

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