Gears are the star fighters in the Ace Online universe. Players will choose a gear at the start of the game, and this choice will be permanent for that character. In RPG terms, a 'Gear' is the class of the player and there are currently four classes available in Ace Online. Each one has unique features that will be beneficial in different ways. The choice is to be made depending on the taste and playing style of the player.



A-gear in the DoubleCoat Guarder

Code name: Anima Mortar. The A-gear can be seen as a AA turret that can fly. even thought the A-gear can fly but it bares the true fang when landing on a surface. It becomes a formidable fortress capable of wiped out a couples of gears in less than 1 or 2 minutes. A-gear is the king of DPS in Ace Online, along large amount of Energy & Shield ('Health' amount in RPG terms) with high defense rate and unique skill 'Barrier' which neutralized all the advance weapon attack, makes it one of the most dangerous opponent you have to face in a war. But in exchange for the fire power, the A-gear has below-average mobility which sometimes can make it become 'a sitting duck'. And the true power of A-gear can only be brought out if it can land on a surface.
Stat Distribution
Attack Evasion Defense Shield Spirit Fuel
4 1 3 4 3 3



B-Gear in Round Vail

Code name: Brandy Burg. While the A-gear is considered an AA-turret then the B-gear is a powerful shotgun capable of on-hit-kill almost everything in its crosshairs in the game. The B-gear has a balance stat therefore there's various builds for the B-gear, depends on the player's prefer way of playing. The B-gear is the king of DPH which can take down the target with a single full hit of its unique 'Bombing skill' (Ground Bombing and Air Bombing). Having same mobility with a little less speed compared to I-gear, with it unique skill 'Invisibility' and 'Damage Reduce' makes the B-gear into a formidable opponent.

The B-gear has it own special types of 'advance weapon' or missiles that bring out the most of efficiency of its bombing skills. Bawoo, which is the main missiles of B-gear, has high damage but long time to reload so player need to catch the right time to pull the trigger. On the other hand, Hawky is a low damage but fast reload time and can be used if the player want to see a rain of missiles.

Stat Distribution
Attack Evasion Defense Shield Spirit Fuel
3 3 3 3 3 3



I-gear in the Fox binder

Code name: Idle Sniper. A combination of Damage and Evasion. With the fastest available engines in the game, and the highest evasion, the I-Gear can outrun nearly every missile in the game, and evades the ones it cannot. It also has the opportunity to become an attack gear, well-balanced between aggression and damage per shot, and an interceptor — able to take down any gear attempting to run away. At high level, a proper build I-gear can fight multiple of opponents and still can survive as it can dodge a majority of their missiles. As an air superiority fighter or interceptor, the I-gear plays well at any level, and isn’t restricted to certain maps.
Stat Distribution
Attack Evasion Defense Shield Spirit Fuel
4 4 2 2 3 3



M-Gear in the Circle Defender

Code name: Meadow Bulg. A supportive yet very hard to kill as while it lacks the speed and fire power, the M-gear has highest rate of defense and the greatest mobility in the game. Armed with the most powerful buffing and repair abilities M-gear players are always in demand amongst brigades. At level 20 they gain the ability to repair friendlies, and ultimately themselves in the process. The key point of a war as with its unique skill 'Call Of Hero' which summon a formation (party in RPG term)'s member into the map. Also the M-gears party buffs are incredibly strong therefore it will always a welcome in any formation or brigade. However, it won't get many kills itself and its leveling this craft up becomes quite difficult; hence why there are generally very few of them.
Stat Distribution
Attack Evasion Defense Shield Spirit Fuel
2 2 4 3 4 3

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