Mission Details Edit


Nation: ANI

Level Required: 62

Map Name: Island Dream (mission map)

Residing Monsters:

  • Merroling (Level: 59) (Passive)
  • Metanium (Level: 61) (Passive)
  • Chrystar (Level: 63) (Passive)
  • Heavy Messenger (Level: 64) (Passive/Group aggro)



  • 580,000 spi
  • Serpent's Veil Ver. 2 / Prizma Binder Ver.2 / Doublecoat Guarder Ver. 2 (what about M-GEAR?)
  • 990,491 EXP
  • 1 bonus stat

Comments/Tips Edit

Kill the NPC required, go through warp gate to city. Then you appear back in the same map. head to the new chaos map gate up above supply shop.

Miscellaneous Edit

Pre-Mission Story Edit

Post-Mission Story Edit

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