Strategic Point Location Edit

Eopi does not have a Strategic Point.

Mobs Edit

  • Remos (Level: 82) (Aggresive)
  • Elliot (Level: 81) (Aggresive)
  • Helius (Level: 79) (Aggresive)
  • Seraph (Level: 77) (Passive)

Bosses Edit

  • Ordin (Level: 85) (Aggresive)

Missions Edit

Main Story: Edit



  • Arrival at Eopi (Level: 76)
  • Ordin's Guard: Helius (Level: 76)
  • Exploring Eopi (Level: 76)
  • Ordin's Guard: Remos (Level: 76)
  • Attack from Remos and Seraph (Level: 76)
  • Information of Eopi Airframe (Level: 76)

Side Story:Edit

  • Ruler of Eopi (Level: 79)

Gaining AccessEdit

This is one of the two maps that only grants access if your residing nation was able to win the last Offensive Mothership war. Access to this map is lost when the next Offensive Mothership war is lost.

Does not apply to Defensive Mothership wars.

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