Strategic Point Location Edit

Denebola does not have a Strategic Point.

Mobs Edit

  • Dives (Level: 59) (Passive)
  • Oannes (Level: 55) (Passive)
  • Vali (Level: 55) (Aggresive)
  • Regin (Level: 51) (Aggresive)

Bosses Edit

Denebola does not have any bosses.

Missions Edit

Main Story: Edit


Standard missions:Edit

  • Regin Research (Level: 47)
  • Vali Research (Level: 47)
  • Oannes Research (Level: 47)
  • Dives Research (Level: 47)
  • Exploration Interruption (Level: 47)
  • Threat of Vali and Dives (Level: 47)
  • Denebola Sky (Level: 57)
  • Trace of Denebola (Level: 57)

Side Story:Edit


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