Strategic Point Location Edit

Alioth does not have a Strategic Point.

Mobs Edit

  • Radar (Level: 72) (Passive)
  • Missile Launcher (Level: 66) (Aggresive)
  • Ground to Air Cannon (Level: 66) (Aggresive)
  • Cassini (Level: 63) (Aggresive)
  • Muspell (Level: 62) (Aggresive)

Bosses Edit

Alioth does not have any bosses.

Missions Edit

Main Story:Edit



  • Surveillance Radar (Level: 59)
  • Anti-Aircraft Gun of Alioth (Level: 59)
  • Missile Launcher of Alioth (Level: 59)
  • Radar Guardian: Cassini (Level: 59)
  • Radar Guardian: Muspell (Level: 59)
  • Airframes of Alioth (Level: 59)

Side Story:Edit

  • Burning Lunar Surface (Level: 67)

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